Ice Hockey Rink Layout with Isometric of Goal


The rink shall be surrounded by a wooden wall or fence known as the “BOARDS” which shall extend not less than 40″ nor more than 48″ above the level of the ice surface. Ideal 42″

The surface of the boards facing the ice shall be smooth and free from obstructions. All access doors to the playing surface must swing away from the ice surface.

A protective screening of heavy gauge wire or safety glass is recommended above the boards, except for the bench areas, for the protection of spectators around the rink.

The center line and the two blue lines shall extend across the rink and vertically to the top of the boards.

Surface to be flooded may be sand-clay or bituminous material.


Ice Hockey rink layout with isometric of goal.
(U.S. Department of the Army, Office of the Chief of Engineers)