Installing a New Basement Bathroom?

(ARA) – If you’re remodeling the basement of your home and thinking about adding a new bathroom or powder room, that’s a smart move. According to Remodel Magazine’s “2005 Cost vs. Value” report, homeowners can recoup more than 86 percent of the cost of a bathroom addition.

But conventional plumbing can be costly. And the digging is a real mess. So how can you increase your property value, while maximizing your remodeling investment? A quick and economical Saniflo bathroom installation is the answer. You’ll have a sleek new bath in just half a day, without the high cost and hassle of conventional plumbing and digging.

Saniflo “macerating” technology makes it possible to install a powder room or bathroom anywhere you want, including in an unfinished basement. Excavation isn’t needed because the above-ground plumbing system is installed directly atop the finished floor. Saniflo systems can even be installed below the sewage line.

A Saniflo toilet looks very much like a conventional toilet, taking up roughly the same amount of floor space. But instead of routing the flush water through a drain in the floor, the macerating system moves it to a special pump box, usually located on the floor between the toilet and the wall. The macerating unit can also be concealed behind the wall.

The unit uses a fast-rotating blade to reduce waste and toilet paper in the flush water, which is immediately and entirely released under pressure through small-diameter piping to the sewer or septic tank. No special maintenance is needed and the pump is sealed for life. This simple and cost-effective alternative to conventional plumbing is ideal for basement renovations and other home-improvement projects. Properly sized, a Saniflo macerating system can handle all the fixtures in a bathroom, including the sink, shower, tub and toilet – even on a septic system. What’s more, these fixtures will work up to 12 feet below and as far as 150 feet away from a septic tank or sewer line.

Macerating systems are changing the way homeowners remodel and helping them maximize their investments.

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Courtesy of ARA Content