Is Your Toolbox Ready to Take on Springtime Chores?

(ARA) – The long winter months give you plenty of time puttering around the house to notice what needs to be fixed come spring. Since some fix-ups have to wait for warmer weather, now is the time to make sure your toolbox is stocked with supplies and your tools are in good repair and ready to be put to use. Taking inventory now means you won’t have to waste time running to the hardware store in the middle of a project.

First, take inventory of what needs to be done and what you’ll need to do it. Since often this involves dark corners of the house like the crawlspace or attic, be sure to have a flashlight handy. The NightStar flashlight uses magnetic force instead of batteries – so it’s always ready when you need it. Simply shake, and the flashlight provides 20 minutes of light on a single charge. To keep your hands free, use the convenient holster, which clips to any belt or waist band. The holster also has an extra pocket for small tools.

Once you know what jobs you’re tackling, you’ll have a better idea of what should go in the toolbox. If you are comfortable doing big projects like home renovation, you’ll need more tools than a homeowner who leaves the big jobs to the pros, but does smaller projects herself. But any toolbox should include some basics:

Hammers: An 8-ounce curved claw or 16-ounce rip claw hammer are ideal for household tasks.

Pliers: Standard options include 7- or 8-inch slip joint pliers and diagonal cutters. Look for pliers with a slip mechanism to keep the handles in place.

Level: This versatile tool is ideal for hanging pictures or wallpaper, laying tile or hardwood, and installing shelving.

Screwdrivers: Consider investing in a full set of screwdrivers or one all-purpose tool, which is an inexpensive alternative. All-purpose screwdrivers, like a 6-in-1 model, contain standard and Phillips bits in the handle, which can be easily interchanged. Ratcheting screwdrivers also come with a variety of bits and save the user effort by doing most of the work.

Flashlight: Home repair jobs often involve getting into tight, poorly lit places, so a reliable flashlight is important. The NightStar flashlight never needs batteries or bulbs and can be counted on even after years of abuse and neglect. When shaken, a high-strength magnet passes back and forth through a wire coil. The electrical energy is stored in a capacitor that be recharged repeatedly, will work in extreme temperatures and will never corrode — even in humid or salty environments. NightStar flashlights have state-of-the-art LED technology that puts the flashlights’ beam on par with conventional bulb flashlights. It’s also a handy tool to find the fuse box in case of an emergency. The available illuminated wall mount holder means you won’t have to grope in the dark – the mount’s special luminescent material glows for hours, enabling any regular size flashlight to be easily located whenever light is needed.

Tape Measure: A 16- or 25-foot retractable tape measure is ideal for most measuring tasks.

Snips: These versatile cutting tools are ideal for cutting a variety of materials from thin gauge wire to light sheet metal.

Adjustable Wrenches: A set of three quality adjustable wrenches in small, medium and large sizes can fit a variety of nuts and bolts.

Utility Knife: When selecting a utility knife, it is important to choose one that is suitable for a specific job (i.e. cutting carpet) to ensure quality results.

NightStar flashlights are available at hardware, sporting goods and marine supply stores as well as many big box retailers. For more information about NightStar flashlights and other accessories, please visit, or call (303) 857-1405.

Courtesy of ARA Content