Kitchen Electric Equipment

Checklist of Electric Equipment
Ceiling Fixtures
Bracket Fixtures
Kitchen Desk Lamp
Undercounter Lamps
Electric Range 7,000-17,000
Refrigerator 650
Freezer 700
Dishwasher 1,600
Garbage Disposal Unit 1,500
Electric Clock 2
Ventilating Fan 50
Juicer 150
Toaster 1,000
Coffeemaker 1,650
Grill 1,100
Griddle 1,500
Blender 800
Microwave Oven 650
Food Processor 1,000
Single Burner Hotplate 750
Double Burner Hotplate 1,100
Waffle Iron 1,500
Electric Frying Pan 1,500
Meat Slicer 800
Deep Fat Fryer 1,400
Slow Cooker 800
Dehydrator 900
Electric Mixer 300
Corn Popper 1,200
Trash Compactor 500
Broiler-oven 1,500
Intercom Master 100

This checklist may be used to ensure completeness of plans, as a questionaire for the owner to determine the electrical conveniences desired, and as a guide in determining the number and capacities of circuits required. The figures given are for the wattages of the equipment. They are subject to some variation either up or down, but are representative.