Kitchen, Kitchenette, Pantry Electrical Outlets

Checklist for Residence Electrical Outlets
Kitchen, Kitchenette, Pantry
Centrally located for general illumination. Fluorescent lamps in troffers or luminous ceiling most effective.
or Over sink, range, work stations, choice depending upon window and cabinet arrangement. Additional undercabinet lights may be desireable.
One for each separate counter space wider than 12″, the 6′ rule applies as for living rooms.
R Dedicated, for refrigerator.

Dedicated, for freezer.
At high-visibility location, for clock.
R For electric range, and separate broilers or ovens.
For special equipment, such as dishwasher, garbage disposal, and trash compactor, provide individual outlets as necessary.
Intercom master station.
Fire alarm sensors.
Intrusion alarm sensors.
or For kitchen ventilating fan or range hood.