Kitchen or Bathroom Cabinet Remodeling

Remodeling the kitchen or bathroom can be quite expensive, depending on how extensive the remodeling project is. The kitchen and bath are the most frequently used areas of the home, so they get the most use over time and tend to show wear and tear faster than other parts of the house. Cabinet remodeling is usually a big part of updating a kitchen or bathroom, as well as replacing counter tops, adding flooring, or updating appliances and fixtures. Cabinet remodeling is an option if the old cabinets are outdated or if more cabinet space is needed, or if re-facing isn’t an option. Stripping, sanding, re-staining, and varnishing existing cabinets can be quite a job, but well worth all the work if the original cabinets can be re-used.

To get an idea just how much your remodeling project is going to cost, get a few estimates from local contractors that specialize in home remodeling. Ask to see their portfolio of completed projects and ask to have the estimates based on at least two remodel options. If cabinet remodeling is included, ask for replacement cost versus re-finishing or re-facing. This could make a considerable difference in the final cost of the remodel. If cabinet remodeling involves replacing all the cabinets, then possibly less could be spent on other items, such as appliances, to make up the difference. If money is no option, then by all means, go all out! Get what you really want the first time! Beautiful quality cabinets are a nice addition to any home, which not only raises the value of your home, but makes your home more functional too.

Before starting any major project, consider all of your cabinet remodeling options for the kitchen, bath, and laundry areas before making a decision. If enlisting the help of a “professional”, not only look at their portfolio and talk to them in length, but check them out with the local Better Business Bureau. If there have been any reported complaints against a company, they will be listed with the BBB. Also listed is the status of the complaint, and whether the company resolved the issue with the client, and what action was taken. All home owners are encouraged to be knowledgeable consumers and research their remodeling project thoroughly before hiring any company to do work in their home, so they can recognize a scam if they are ever in that situation. Cabinet remodeling or any type of home improvement, though it can be an inconvenience, is well worth all the headaches in the end. Just make sure it’s money well spent!

Nathan Biery
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