Laminate Floor Cleaning Tip

Laminate floors are quickly becoming the new fad with homeowners. For those who are still unaware of what laminate flooring is, it is layers of materials compressed together to create flooring. It is capable of taking on any effect and being any color desired.

You can purchase laminate flooring that looks like wood or stone tiles, in a variety of shapes. Not only is laminate flooring easy to clean, it can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. In fact, you don’t have to empty your savings account any longer to get that beautiful hardwood floor. You can purchase a laminate look alike, which is just as durable as a wood floor if not more. For these reasons and more, laminate flooring is gaining in popularity.

Cleaning Laminate Flooring

What is the best way to keep your laminate floors clean? Due to the fact that laminates have several layers, the first layer or the surface protects the laminate floor. With this protection, keeping your laminate floor clean has just become easier. The best tip for cleaning your laminate floor is to purchase a cleaner that is safe for laminates. Do not use wax cleaners, polishes or abrasive cleaning products on your laminate flooring as they can damage the finish.

Along with using the proper cleaner, there are other tips to assist you in maintaining the natural beauty of your laminate flooring. Unlike hardwood floors you can use warm water to clean your laminate flooring. It is suggested to use a good mop and ring the mop out twice as excessive water will damage your laminate flooring. Do not allow spills to stand on your laminate flooring, wipe them up immediately to keep the quality of your laminate floors in tact.

Protecting Laminate Flooring

As with any hard flooring, using carpet rugs in high traffic areas is also a must with laminate floors. You should also consider using rugs in areas of high use, such as in the kitchen and near all sinks. Carpet rugs help to trap dirt and debris brought from outside your home. Along with providing rugs, you should also sweep your laminate floors often. If time permits, sweep your floors daily. This will help to ensure that your laminate floors remain beautiful.

With so many choices in laminate flooring, it’s hard to go wrong when making laminate the floor of your choice. With its easy maintenance and low cost, you’ve saved both time and money. Remember, to keep those laminate floors looking beautiful, use a product designed to clean laminate floors. If it doesn’t say “safe for laminate floors” then don’t purchase it. Most laminate floor cleaners are cost effective and save time in the cleaning process. Using a cleaner that is not designed for your laminate floor can lead to disaster. Repairing or replacing a laminate floor takes much more time then reading the labels of the cleaning products available to you.

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