Learn on How Quickly and Easily Cleaning Window Blinds Can Be

Cleaning window blinds is one of those jobs that we tend to look so forward to doing that we have to hold ourselves back. Well, perhaps in a perfect world, but in the real world this is one job that is about as exciting as watching paint dry. As a result of this enthusiasm we generally do not get around to doing to job until it is a monumental task rather than doing it regularly when it wouldn’t be such an issue. Whatever your reasons for putting off this onerous task, eventually it must be done, lest the dust overtake your windows.

Below you will find a short guide to cleaning most common blinds quickly and easily.

Venetian Blinds

If you are willing to go to the effort of completely removing them from your window (the recommended method for cleaning this particular mind–at least once or twice per year) it is advised that you place them into a tub full of warm soapy water in order to clean them. Be sure to rinse them thoroughly and remove all the soap residue or your blinds may turn yellow over time. You will want to air dry your blinds Other methods include wiping them (while still hanging) with a mixture of vinegar and water, a citrus based cleaner (not a furniture polish), a micro fiber wash clothe, or using a vacuum cleaner with an attachment designs specifically for cleaning blinds.

Aluminum Mini Blinds

In order to get most of the dust off these blinds it is recommended that you shake them well or use a chemically treated dust cloth in order to remove the dust from in between the slats. Most vacuum cleaners have an attachment that works well for this particular type of blind. If they are really dirty, you can actually take these out of your window and spray them with a garden hose outside or simply soak them in a warm soapy tub. Be sure not to vigorously scrub these particular blinds while they are wet as they may scratch.

Wooden Blinds

Since water is a big no-no with this particular type of blind, it is recommended that you use a feather duster, Swiffer duster or similar product, micro fiber wash clothes, or your vacuum cleaner in order to clean these blinds. You can also use furniture polish if these haven’t been painted.

Pleated Fabric Window Shades

The best thing for these is a brief shake or a quick pass with the vacuum cleaner. You do not want to submerge them in water as this makes them more likely to degrade in color or texture (crispness of the creases) over time.

As you can see, no matter how terribly we build these chores to be in our minds, they rarely live up to our negative expectations. If you do the things mentioned above on a fairly regular basis you lessen the risk of the serious dirt that can build up over time.

Osmundo Bernabe
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