Lock-N-Seal Do-it-yourself hardwood flooring

D-I-Y Hardwood Flooring This is new kind of hardwood flooring that needs no glue, nails, adhesive, or staples. It automatically Lock-n-Seals itself when tapped together. Tap-locked system can be installed by anyone over a sub-floor, wood, existing floors, ceramic, concrete, basements, kitchens. You don’t need to spread glue or rent a nail gun, just tap-it and it Lock-n-Seals itself, perfect for the do-it yourself hardwood flooring installation. Lock-n-Seal Hardwood has a pressure sensitive adhesive in the groove and on the bottom of the tongue allows for a water resistant seal, Like no other, so easy even you can do it. Lock-n-Seal Hardwood Floors come in Exotics hardwood floors, Hand-scraped Exotics wood floors, and domestic hardwood floors, Fourteen Species for you to choose from. Lock-n-Seal Hardwood is made by Century Flooring, the premier manufacturer of North America, known for Quality. Lock-n-Seal Hardwood flooring has a special finish of Century Seal -3000 no-wax finish that is their best tough aluminum oxide-urethane costing that will protect your wood floor against water spots, scuffs, and traffic wear. It is our easiest floor to care for. Lock-n-Seal Hardwood flooring is ready when it comes out of the box, no mess, no fuss, no sanding, no staining, no glue, no nails, no worry. Do-it yourself hardwood installations. It’s easy and you will save all that expensive labor. Look for www.efloorz.com for your discount hardwood flooring needs, always your quality hardwood flooring source for all your do-it-yourself projects.

Larry Primavera
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