London Builder – Kitchen Extension

It was my wife who saw the potential for the building work to the kitchen and I just sort of nodded when she mentioned it, thinking that it would never work. She says she saw it when we first went to look at the house before we’d even bought it. I thought it was a nice enough kitchensmall and friendly and she was imagining that it could be twice as big if we found a reliable London builder to knock through the back wall and extend into the pantry and utility room. I just didn’t see it, I have no future vision, so she found the builders and talked to them about what she wanted and I let her get on with it. The day before the work started I sat at the kitchen table leaning against the wall that was going to disappear wondering if she’d made the right decision, but she’d made her mind up so I kept my mouth shut. When the work started I was amazed. I came home from work that night and already the place was unrecognisable. The wall had gone and metal supports had been put in. I still couldn’t see how it was going to be but my wife kept assuring me that it was going to be great.

A new flat roof was put on the back section and then before the ceiling went up they asked us where we wanted the lighting so that the electrician could put the wiring in. We went for 9 really trendy small spot lights. The builder was really good with advice, because the garage door had to be moved and he suggested a small porch area outside the back door – which worked really well. It’s somewhere to take your muddy shoes off in the winter which we never had before. It wasn’t as easy to put up as it first looked because they had to make sure that they avoided a drain when they were digging out the footings but they managed to get round that

Inside the washing machine was moved into an enclosed space to keep the noise away from the kitchen – so that meant some plumbing work. The floor was uneven so they dug that out and levelled it before putting in some laminated flooring which has been a real success, especially since we have a dog and the floor needs cleaning all the time. They fitted brand new French doors that lead out to the garden and that’s a big bonus for the dog.

By now I was starting to see the picture, but not quite because it still looked a bit unfinished to me. Next the painters came in and under the guidance of my wife transformed the whole place. By the time I came home from work that night the kitchen looked like something out of a brochure. I had to finally admit that they’d all been right and the work had made a huge difference to the house. I was happy and looking forward to relaxing in my beautiful kitchen area when I found out that it wasn’t the end of the road. My wife had asked the builder to have a look in the loft and give a quote on a loft extension. She wants to have a bedroom up there with an on-suite toilet and shower. Apparently it will have new sky lights and it’ll be ready for my eldest when she turns 16 next year. I got the ladder up and had a look in the loft after they’d gone and I’ve got to be honest – a new bedroom? I just can’t see it myself.

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