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When you are employing a London builder especially for a large job such as a home extension or renovation it can be frustrating if you have to deal with a number of different building companies in the process. Not knowing where one part of the job starts and another finishes can lead to problems if a number of contractors are involved and that’s why it makes sense to use a London builder that can offer everything as a one-stop-shop. It stops the buck being passed for any grey areas of responsibility. Using just the one London building company means there are no grey areas. Finding one London builder with skilled tradesmen who cover every aspect of a build from brickwork to plumbing from roofing to decorating makes the best use of the time too. Each job can be scheduled to follow on efficiently, so the electrics are fitted before plastering starts and roofing is completed when the structure needs to be protected without having to wait for availability of each specialist.

Having a London builder who will take responsibility for the total build makes an extension or renovation a much easier project to manage. There are many elements that go into a successful build and each is reliant on the other. When one London builder is doing the entire job they know that each stage has to be completed on time for the whole job to stay on schedule. There’s also the added comfort of knowing that each tradesman will have pride and commitment to the finished project.

There are so many roofing products on the market now especially for flat roofs that it’s sometimes hard for the householder to know what will be the best choice for their roof. Traditionally, flat roofs were often seen as a difficult challenge in terms of keeping them water tight, but with modern materials and technology that no longer has to be the case. Considerations such as the life-span of the roof are sometimes overlooked in favour of cost and as with most things that isn’t always the best decision. An experienced London builder will be able to advise on the best option for the roof as well as taking care over the all important flashing, which can be the difference between a dry and damp seal to the roof. If the London builder you have chosen is the same company who will be decorating inside the house they will be very careful to make sure that the roof is intact and will stand the test of time.

Flooring is another area where the choice these days is enormous. In kitchen areas hard wearing laminates have become very popular but the more traditional stone floor tiles are always in demand. Heated tiles are also an option for home owners these days who want winter comfort, but whatever flooring is chosen the condition of the floor underneath has to be considered and prepared which is why a flooring specialist will be able to make sure that the floor can take the wear and tear.

Bathroom plumbing, sanitary wear and fittings all rely on the good condition of the supporting walls. That’s one reason why a London builder who is able to render, plaster and make sure the surfaces are true before commencing fitting will make the difference in the long run. Choosing a London builder and plumber to take complete control of the project from start to finish is a neat solution to any building project.

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