Looking for a Way to Reduce Mowing Time?

(ARA) – If you feel like you have better things to do than mowing your lawn and are looking for a way to reduce mowing time, then a zero-turning-radius mower should be at the top of your “must-buy” list. That’s because zero-turning-radius mowers save time mowing and trimming since there’s no need to back up when cutting around trees and other objects around the yard.

You can also mow tightly around beds and other obstacles to reduce the need for trimming. In fact, compared to mowing with a traditional lawn or garden tractor, use of a zero-turning-radius mower can cut mowing time by as much as 50 percent! And you’ll also benefit from a professionally manicured look.

It’s little wonder then that these innovative products are topping the list as the fastest-selling products in the mowing industry. Once used exclusively by commercial lawn and landscape contractors trying to increase productivity, zero-turning-radius mowers are today finding their way into the hearts and yards of busy homeowners who are willing to pay for the latest timesaving technology. It makes sense that the industry is projecting another year of double-digit sales growth for residential zero-turning-radius products – a trend that is expected to continue for at least the next several years.

So why all the fuss? Of course there is the tremendous time savings. But beyond the labor savings, there’s another big attraction.

“It comes down to the fact that zero-turning-radius mowers are just a lot of fun to drive,” says Dan Lamb, brand manager for Cub Cadet, the largest manufacturer of zero-turning-radius mowers in the U.S. “The superb maneuverability of these units, along with the speed, turns a routine lawn chore into fun and enjoyment.”

The secret of zero-turning-radius technology is independent hydraulic wheel motors that allow the mowers to turn on a dime. This makes maneuvering around sidewalks, trees, fences and other obstacles faster and easier than ever imagined by owners of traditional lawn tractors.

“With a zero-turning-radius mower, you can literally do an about-face and turn 360 degrees while remaining in the same spot,” says Lamb. “It is absolutely amazing!”

Dual ergonomic steering levers, or “lap bars,” control a zero-turn mower. Simply move one lap bar forward and the other back, and the mower literally turns in its own tracks, which means there is no big loop at the end of the row to make the turn.

Because of their superior maneuverability, zero-turning-radius mowers help homeowners mow a lot of lawn in a little time, making them the ideal choice for larger yards. Of course, deck size (which determines cutting width) plays an important part, too. That’s why Cub Cadet offers a broad range of deck sizes – from 48-inches wide to 60-inches wide – to match the needs of different types of yards.

These new zero-turning-radius models also offer a pivoting front axle, semi-floating deck and anti-scalping wheels to assure a more professional looking cut. Of course it helps to always observe the rule of cutting only the top third of the grass blade to promote a thick, healthy turf. If you mow more than a third of the grass blade, you can damage the root system of the turf and create a thatch problem which will inhibit your lawn’s ability to absorb nutrients.

To help maintain the unit and keep it in prime working condition, the Cub Cadet models additionally feature an innovative deck wash system. Simply attach a garden hose and a high-pressure water blast cleans out grass and debris after each mowing.

For more information on the time-saving benefits of a zero-turn-radius mower, visit www.cubcadet.com.

Courtesy of ARA Content