Looking for Luxury

(ARA) – Maybe it is the television shows focusing on celebrity lifestyles, or maybe it’s a sign of a healthy economy. Whatever the reason, there is a noticeable trend toward “trading up” in the American consumer market that’s having a big impact on a wide range of products – not to mention on home décor around the country.

The trend ranges from trading up to sit-down restaurants and cafes instead of fast food eaten in the car for lunch to upscale kitchen and bath products at home. Consumers want to pamper themselves with luxuries like 300-thread count sheets and professional grade cookware – even if they never cook. Publications like ‘Dwell’ and even ‘O’, Oprah’s magazine, have introduced consumers to a range of high-end consumer goods that were formerly available only to the rich and famous.

The luxury trend in the bathroom includes huge master bath suites that feature everything from marble vanities to Jacuzzi baths to European-influenced amenities like bidets and towel warmers. Some of these additions, like towel warmers, are functional as well as fashionable.

“There’s nothing more pampering than stepping out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a fluffy, warm towel,” says Paula Bush of Zehnder, a company known for its towel radiators. “But towel warmers are practical as well – they add energy efficiency and temperature comfort to the room.” Towel radiators have been a part of the heating system in Europe for years, and are a part of energy efficient design. By heating the bathroom independently from the central heating system, homeowners can avoid heating the whole house for the sake of a warm bathroom.

The programmable infrared controller allows for operation only when needed, adding to energy savings. Simply program the towel radiator to turn on in the morning before you wake up, and you’ll be greeted with a warm bathroom and a warm towel to start your day. In humid climates, the radiators help prevent mold and mildew by drying damp towels quickly.

Zehnder towel radiators are electric, self-contained units. They are easy to install and run on standard electricity. They fit anywhere that you would put up a regular towel bar.

Towel radiators come in a large variety of styles and finishes to match the furnishings of any bathroom. See them at www.zehnderamerica.com or contact Zehnder America Inc., 540 Portsmouth Ave., Greenland, N.H. Their toll-free number is (888) 778-6701.

Courtesy of ARA Content