Marble Floors

During the last ten years, marble floors have seen a rebirth – a sales increase of close to 400%, in fact. Fine marble floorings were a rich man’s option in the years when marble was quarried solely in Italy, but now one can get perfectly serviceable grades from quarries in China, Spain and Mexico.

The two most commonly employed kinds of marble for flooring are the white and black slabs and tiles. Both lend a unique character to the surroundings and can, under artistic guidance, be mixed for stunning effect.

Apart from the distinctive touch of class marble floors lend to a home, they are also much in demand because of the cooling effect they have on the whole house. This is because marble is essentially a dense solid with low heat conduction properties – it takes a long time to warm up. For this reason, marble flooring is in great demand in the tropics. In countries like India, it is not uncommon to find decorative mats and carpets as the sole pieces of furniture on such floors, since this enhances the beauty of the marble floor.

Though marble remains the connoisseur home-owner’s flooring of choice, it does take a lot of maintenance. Since floors are high-impact, wear and tear is common, and white marble is an easily stainable area. Therefore, it is recommended that one employs a specialist service for marble floor upkeep. For a marble foyer, professional cleaners should be employed at least every one and a half years, and for living room, bathroom and kitchen floors. Also, marble floors will require treatment with neutral pH breathable sealers to compensate for the stone’s porosity and tendency to absorb stains.

Marble floors lend a beauty and class to your home, but remember, they require loving care to keep them looking their best.

Jimmy Sturo
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