Men’s Lacrosse Playing Field Layout with Goal and Flag Details


Goal net should be cord netting with openings of not more than 1 1/2″.

Bottom of net must be held close to the ground with pegs or staples.

Posts to be 1 1/2″ nominal pipe painted orange and secured to the ground.


Lines must be marked with a white non toxic material which is not injurious to the eyes or skin.

All lines shall be 2″ wide except the center or offside line which should be 4″ wide.

All dimensions are to inside of lines except at center line.

Barrier fence, 5′ or 6′ high, should be 10′ 0″ min. from end and side lines. If not used allow 20′ space on all sides.

Flexible flag markers shall be placed at the four corners of the field and at each end of the center line.

Men’s lacrosse playing field layout with flag and goal details.

(U.S. Department of the Army, Office of the Chief of Engineers)