Modular Deck Tiles Go Anywhere, Cut Deck Costs in Half

(ARA) – Do you dream of a new wood deck, but are daunted by the cost of having one built or the difficulty of doing it yourself? Don’t despair. Modular deck tiles can make a beautiful do-it-yourself deck possible for even home improvement neophytes.

Decks are the fourth most popular home improvement project, according to a survey conducted by Adding a deck enhances your home’s value by increasing warm-weather living space, and it’s much cheaper than building an actual room addition. Modular deck tiles – wooden tiles that snap together to create an attractive, sturdy surface – are the next thing in decks for do-it-yourselfers.

Each 1-square-foot wooden tile is mounted on a sturdy plastic grid backing. The grid allows the tiles to snap together like children’s plastic building blocks. “They are so easy to put together, you can reasonably expect to invest 60 minutes or less installing a 100 square foot deck,” says Ted Petron, production manager of Sisal Rugs Direct.

The inch-thick tiles are made of beautiful, durable teak and other Brazilian hardwood such as Ipe (ironwood). Three styles are available – Ipe Smooth, Teak and Ipe Non-Slick (grooved for slip protection around pools and spas). The tiles are imported from Italy.

Besides easy installation, modular deck tiles have several advantages over traditional decks:

* No concrete footings or complicated support systems are necessary. Modular deck tiles can be placed over any reasonably flat surface – from an existing concrete patio or weathered traditional decking, to lawn or even bare ground. When placing them over grass or ground, however, consider using plastic shielding material (available at any hardware or home improvement store) to discourage weed growth through the tiles.

* The average cost per square foot of a traditional deck ranges around $35 to over $50 per square foot depending on the wood choice. Modular deck tiles cost approximately $17 to $25 per square foot.

* Once assembled, modular deck tiles are as sturdy as a traditional deck. But they can easily be disassembled should you decide to relocate your deck, or take it with you when you move.

* Because they snap together, modular tile decks never have any exposed screws or nails, making them child and pet friendly.

* Cleanup and maintenance are easy. Simply hose off your modular deck tiles as needed for regular cleaning. Once a year, treat them with a wood sealer and ultraviolet light protector.

* Modular deck tiles can also be used to easily create patios, paths and posh pool areas outdoors, and as flooring in home spas or on apartment or condo balconies. Deck tiles can also be laid in three different designs: traditional, offset or parquet to create a truly unique look.

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Editor’s Note: The deck system is patented and the tile are manufactured and imported exclusively from Italy.