Modular Storage System Gets You Organized

(ARA) – What do garden implements, sports equipment and power tools have in common? A couple of things, actually. First, it’s likely that they’re all taking up valuable space in your garage. And second, they all turned up in a 2004 survey listing the top 50 things people need to store.

That survey inspired Kevin Shaha, president of Racor Inc., to add a new product line to the company’s home storage products business. “We’ve been providing high-quality, innovative storage solutions for the garage and home for 20 years,” he says. “The survey made me think about how many odds and ends people need to store safely and conveniently; our industrial design group did the rest”

The company’s newest line of storage solutions is called RacorIC. The ingenious system uses the company’s unique WallDocks and interchangeable racks for specific storage issues. “All of the racks fit on the easy-to-install WallDocks, so you can move or add racks any time,” says Shaha. Because all pieces are interchangeable, the system is also cost effective.

Getting tools and golf clubs off the garage floor doesn’t just make more space in the garage. It protects these items, some of which would be expensive to replace if damaged. And if your tools are stored where you can see them and have easy access to them, it means less frustration next time you tackle a home improvement project.

The RacorIC system is flexible and practical. Each WallDock holds up to 150 pounds of shear weight when fastened to a wall stud, yet only weighs one ounce. That means it can hold anything from tennis balls to a lawn trimmer. “The IC system is a much better solution than old-fashioned pegboard that breaks down over time with small hooks that come out every time you try to get something off the board. You’re also not limited to the size of a board when storing things with RacorIC,” says Shaha, “only the size of your walls.”

Once your WallDocks are installed, choose from a wide selection of specially designed hooks, baskets and other organizing tools such as the ball rack, tool hanger, catch-all basket, vertical bike hanger and more. You can swap one component for another as the seasons and your needs change.

For example, you’ll want your yard supplies handy during the summer, so you can put them at the easiest access point for the warm months and then store them in an out-of-the- way place in the winter as you rotate the storage components to have your snow shovel and other winter gear handy.

You can even take the storage components with you to the yard or the workshop. Install a WallDock near your outdoor spigot and you can simply grab your hose from the garage, still on the specially designed hose rack, take it with you to the yard, pop it on the outdoor WallDock and you’re ready to water, without having to store your hose outside.
The IC system is also great for the utility room, workshop, shed and even the laundry room. The tools/parts organizer is great for corralling small items and the all purpose catch-all-basket is perfect for cleaning supplies. “Once you start using the system, it’s amazing what you can do with it,” says Shaha.

RacorIC is available at Ace Hardware and TruValue stores, or online at Call (800) 783-7725 to find a retailer near you.

Courtesy of ARA Content