Need to Dig a Post Hole

Need To Dig A Post Hole? Install A Traffic Sign?

0. Before doing the rest of this exercise, turn on the Receiver only, place it in the magnetic modem and search the area in & around your proposed hole. If you find a “target”, you know you are going to hit something if you dig that hole. You may want to decide now not to dig that hole and save the time involved in the following steps … or you may wish to do them anyway.

1. Have an assistant hold the Mac Receiver in the vertical position with the tip resting on the ground in the exact location of your proposed hole.

2. Turn the Receiver and put it in the HF Mode, and keep it stationery.

3. Turn on the transmitter (this will be inductive through the soil, etc.) and take it 20-30 feet from the Receiver.

4. While your assistant continues to hold the Receiver as in #1 above, walk a circle around the Receiver always staying 20-30 feet (or more) away.

5. During #4 above, always “point” the transmitter at the Receiver & keep it in the upright position with the “arrow” up.

6. Mark the ground under the Transmitter whenever the Receiver reports a “hit”.
Note: This will excite any continuous metal running through the circle you make with the Transmitter which also runs very close to the Receiver.

7. When the circle is complete, go back and place the Transmitter on the ‘hit’ and trace the target line through you proposed area of the hole.