Oak Laminate Flooring – A Better Choice Than Real Hardwood?

While most people find that Oak hardwood floors are visually stunning, they are not ideal for all homeowners. Oak laminate flooring can be a better choice for many homeowners because it is easier to install, not as expensive, and is usually more durable than your typical wood flooring.

Many homeowners opt for oak laminate because it provides the rich color that attracts a lot of people to hardwoods in the first place. Oak laminate floors allow consumers to create the same rich and warm feel in their home that hard woods do. You’ll generally find that there are many different colors and styles that oak laminates come in, ranging from natural oak colors, honey oak colors, and an almost deep cherry look. Most homeowners will discover that they love oak laminate flooring because it will instantly add some warmth, color, and texture to every room that it is installed in.

– Oak Laminate Flooring Manufacturers There are many oak laminate flooring manufacturers, but we’ll give just a few examples here. Three well-known brands are Quick Step, Westhollow and BHK. It’s important to remember that these three brands as well as others usually have many different oak laminate offerings, so you’ll want to consider all of your options before you settle on just one.

– Quick Step Laminate Flooring Quick Step is growing in popularity because they are generally quite affordable, offer all of the current styles, and are often very easy to install on your own. Quick Step offers some beautiful choices, like Natural Oak, with a starting price of about $2.00 a square foot. In addition to Natural Oak is a stunning option known as Dark Oak. As the name suggests, this has deep rich tone to it. Quick Step floors are very easy to use and can be used throughout the whole house or in specific rooms as you see fit.

– Westhollow Laminate Floors Westhollow offers a large selection of striking oak laminate flooring. One of the most well known from Westhollow is from their Heritage Collection. “Cathedral French Oak” is one of the more common choices and is generally very affordable with prices starting right around $2.30 a square foot. This particular option is a beautiful floor and is great in any area of the home including the entry way, a staircase, as well as the dining room and living areas. Westhollow offers another beautiful oak laminate floor called “Barn Milled Oak”. This is also from the Heritage Collection and is similarly priced to their aforementioned product.

– BHK Laminate Floorings BHK’s laminate Oak floorings are visually stunning. Their “Select Oak” option is very popular as it has what could be described as a traditional oak look and color. While the floor is very beautiful and expensive looking, it usually retails for about $2.30 and up, which I am sure you will agree is quite reasonable. Another beautiful BHK selection is Natural Oak, which will give a very warm and homey feel to any living space.

Choosing oak laminate flooring for your home is a great choice because it will allow you to add style and warmth to your home, but without the high cost that is usually associated with real Oak. Oak laminate floors work well in all areas of the home, including high traffic areas. It will allow you to infuse your home with style without worrying how they will wear over time.

Tom Willmar
Permission by goarticles.com