Outdoor Painting Prep Made Easier

(ARA) – Painting a home’s exterior is a big project, but one that pays off in curb appeal as well as protection for your home. Having the right tools can make the job easier, faster and produce more professional-looking results.

The first and most tedious step in painting your home is to get rid of loose or flaking paint and prepare a smooth surface for the fresh paint. A new innovative tool from Wagner Spray Tech and abrasive partner 3M helps make quick work of this process.

The one-step patent pending PaintEater system eliminates traditional time consuming and labor intensive steps of exterior paint prep. The PaintEater removes chipped, peeling paint, feathers rough edges and smoothes the surface in one easy process. The PaintEater lets you begin painting more quickly. A better prepped surface means that the new paint goes on smoother, adheres better and lasts longer.

Before sanding and painting outdoor surfaces, start by protecting outdoor furniture as well as landscaping plants with drop cloths. And don’t forget to tape around any surfaces where you don’t want paint, such as windows.

Now you’re ready to prep. The PaintEater is perfect for do-it-yourselfers. It’s lightweight and maneuverable, yet tough. The high-powered machine combines with the tough 3M spun-fiber disc with optimum speed and power for superior performance and control without worrying about damaging surfaces. The innovative flex disc system allows the disc to conform to the surface for optimal results around flat trim and siding. It can be operated on its edge to remove stubborn paint chips or flat to smooth or feather paint edges to create a perfect surface for repainting.

The disc’s open-web design keeps paint and dust build-up to a minimum and allows the disc to glide over surface imperfections, including nail heads or sharp edges, without damage. The PaintEater is ergonomically designed to allow for multiple hand positions, easing hand fatigue and providing safety on ladders. It can be used on wood, masonite and cement.

Once you have a perfectly prepped surface, choose from one of Wagner’s power paint sprayers to complete the job. For a professional finish, and for making quick work of painting an entire house, nothing beats a power sprayer for helping homeowners paint like pros.

Wagner’s industry-leading knowledge of paint removal, paint application and power tools creates a paint removal system that is easy to use. For more information, visit www.wagnerspraytech.com. You can also find Wagner products at home improvement stores nationwide.

Courtesy of ARA Content