Personal Decorating Touches Make a House a Home

(ARA) – No matter what the style of your house – southwestern, Victorian, traditional, modern or contemporary – it’s the personal touches you add that make it a home. Design touches drawn from personal experiences, family history, hobbies and interests make your home décor unique and comforting.

“Adding personalized touches to your home décor makes the house uniquely yours,” says Lynne Graham of InterSpace Interiors Inc., an interior designer for 20 years. “Personalization helps create that special place to inspire you or to make you feel more tranquil.”

Personalization doesn’t require a complete interior redesign. By adding a few select touches to each room of your house, you can convey your sense of style and individuality. Graham, who decorates model homes and provides design services for high-end residential clients, suggests decorating with family photos or snapshots of favorite pastimes or vacations. Consider using favorite colors or themes in different rooms, she says.

Some techniques for personalizing home décor include:

* Use family artwork. Old photographs in black and white or sepia tones can be a great personal accent and contrast to your favorite color splashed on the walls in virtually any room. Hang multiple photos in identical plain black frames for a contemporary look, or mix it up with various unusual frames for a different effect. Frame and craft shops now offer a wide range of creative ways to present your photos.

* Explore your heritage. Current decorating trends run towards an eclectic look that draws on a variety of ethnic influences. Consider personalizing with accessories and design touches that underscore your family’s heritage – be it Latin, Asian, African, European, etc. Treasured items passed down through generations of a family can become meaningful and beautiful decoration. For example, the antique lace handkerchief your great-grandmother held on her wedding day can be preserved in a special frame and given a place of honor in the family room.

* Go literary. The written word can also be a visual art form. A stanza from a favorite poem or song can be used to personalize your room and create a specific mood. Song lyrics can be imprinted on accessories like lampshades or accent pillows. Or, you can stencil or hand-stamp words around the room as an unusual, engaging border.

* Personalize a wall with a mural. “Today’s technology allows us to create a full-size wall mural from virtually any image, including a photo of your kids at soccer practice or a picture of the beach where your husband first proposed,” says Todd Imholte, president of Environmental Graphics, a company that specializes in manufacturing wall murals. “Personalized murals are a great design breakthrough,” Graham adds. “Find a favorite theme or a picture you took on vacation and have a wall-sized mural made just for you!”

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