Premier Sauna And Bathroom Design For Modern Living

A sauna in one’s apartment in no longer constrained by lack of space or shortage of money. As new and more modern design concepts come up in the architectural domain, a well and ergonomically designed sauna and an adjoining bathroom can be afforded and placed in a lot of homes today.

Bathrooms and adjoining saunas have become more stylish and contemporary, prudent use of space and sophisticated fittings can transform the smallest bathroom and sauna cabin into a glamour room. Designs and structures vary as per the taste and budget of the owner. So, what makes a good sauna and bathroom design? The first and foremost requisite for a good design is that it must be healthy, safe and pleasing. Designers go to details in order to ensure that these attributes are fulfilled.

The designers of a sauna and an adjoining bathroom at the outset look at the needs of the owner. If the structure is required for a larger audience, the design will vary significantly from that required for just a few people. By normal standards, even a small sauna must be able to fit in two people and the traditional size of a sauna available in a most places fits four. The consideration is the space available and the intended users. For apartments and in house saunas, an adjoining bathroom and a shower is recommended in order to save on space. For large community saunas, shower to bather ratio need some consideration so you get the appropriate number of showers.

Unlike saunas in yesteryears, modern saunas have a host of facilities. Running water for one is essential. In case more bathers are utilizing the services of the sauna, the showers need to be appropriately located and norms of privacy maintained. For an apartment, the bathroom next to the sauna will do the job.

When one designs a separate sauna cabin, it must have place for at least four people in the sauna, possibly more. The shower room only needs space for two at the same time since there is usually no rush when bathing and one can wait a while before showering. In addition to the sauna and shower, there should ideally be a dry room to undress and change and it should be between the shower and the remaining part of the house.

Location of a sauna is another important aspect. In case of an in-house affair, it should ideally be placed next to an exterior wall to ensure that proper ducts for ventilation can be arranged. For larger saunas, the location will depend upon the space available and the external environment. The placement and number of benches, and the location and type of heater will all play an important part in the design of larger saunas. A number of benchmarks are available for deciding upon the size, space and location of the benches within a sauna. They all boil down to the convenience and space available within the sauna.

Placement and design of a heater is also very important. The heater should be placed a safe distance away from the door and benches. If the heater is right next to the door of the sauna, the door should be hinged on the heater’s side. This will ensure that there are no burn related incidents within the sauna. The door should open out of the sauna.

Ample amount of spare towels and the other bathroom accessories must be made available. The furniture for a sauna is another aspect which one has to decide upon right at the designing stage. Wood is preferred, but it is expensive. Certain wood substitutes are also available which are gaining popularity in the market.

Overall, the sauna and bathroom must provide the user the intended pleasure and the convenience they have been designed for. Technology and material is available in abundance. What matters is your taste, style and how deep your pockets are.

Isabel Baldry
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