Properties of the Mid-range Frequencies

Properties of the Mid-range Frequencies (near 8 – 10 kHz)
  • This is between the HF & LF so it has characteristics of both worlds.
  • It will jump gaskets & breaks but not at well as HF with the same power.
  • More power can be used because it is below the Radio Frequencies.
  • The more power at the Transmitter the farther the signal can be driven, but not as far as LF with the same power.
  • It does bleed onto adjacent and crossing lines but not as much as HF.
  • It does stay on the line you put it on better than HF but not as good as LF.

One might imagine that the Mid-Range Frequencies near 8 – 10 kHz are the best of both worlds,and they are, however, they also have the disadvantages of both HF and LF as well, with no option for the other. There are several locators which only have one frequency for locating, which is in the Mid-range. They usually are for a specific purpose or application, and do an overall good job for the application for which designed.

Disadvantages of HF
  • Signal good for short distance only.
  • Radio Frequency power restrictions.
  • Bleeds into adjacent and crossing lines.
Advantages of HF
  • Stronger signal for short distances.
  • Inducing a signal is convenient.
  • Signal can be induced or conducted.
  • Jumps gaskets & gaps.
Disadvantages of LF
  • Signal cannot jump a gasket or gap.
  • Signal can only be applied consecutively.
  • Energized power lines can arc thru insulation causing injury or death.
  • Clamp cannot protect against electrical shock/burn injury or death.
Advantages of LF
  • Signal good for long distances.
  • No RF power restriction, can use higher power Transmitter.
  • Does not bleed onto adjacent and crossing lines.