Protecting Your Bamboo Flooring

Getting new bamboo flooring installed in your home is fun and exciting. You will be able to redecorate and give your home a face lift. Floors are important, and it is important that you get quality flooring installed in your home so that they will last a long time. Having to replace your flooring often will end up costing you a lot of money in the end. If you have a family that is a little rough on flooring you might want to protect your floors in high traffic areas so that you are just replacing a rug year after year and not your entire floor.

You will want to be sure that you have a rug covering your bamboo flooring at all doorways that lead to the inside of your home. You just never know when someone will come stomping through the door with something stuck to the bottom of their shoes and mess up your new floors. This way when someone comes inside from the outside, they will have to step onto the rug that is placed at the doorway, and your flooring will not be ruined. Replacing a rug once a year is not near as expensive as the floor.

Another place that you will want to be sure and protect your bamboo flooring in your home is any hallways that you have. You can buy a long hallway rug that is often referred to as a runner, to be sure that the flooring is not messed up from so much walking in the hall. Because everyone uses the hall and walks down the hallway to get to their bedrooms, the floor in the hall is considered a high traffic area. Protecting your hallway flooring from mishaps is a great idea.

While you are making sure that your bamboo flooring is protected in your home, you will want to think about two other areas that may need protecting as well. The kitchen, and the dining room, or rather, the area under your dining table. Because messes happen in the kitchen, you may want to consider placing a rug at the stove and at the kitchen sink. These are areas in the kitchen that are used frequently, and if you have bamboo flooring there, you will want to protect it as well. Placing a rug under the dining table and chairs is great to make sure that the dining chairs will not scratch your flooring when they are being pulled out and pushed into the table.

Andrew Manifield
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