Quality Bruce Flooring Products

The term “Bruce Flooring” generally refers to the Bruce hardwood floors company and their line of hardwood flooring products. Bruce Hardwood Flooring was founded by E.L. Bruce in 1884 and quickly became an industry leader for the strong craftsmanship, quality, solid wood and sold service as well.

Bruce flooring is probably most well known for their oak hardwood floors. It was solid oak tables that established the reputation of Bruce Hardwood Flooring. Bruce Hardwood Flooring still has the widest variety of oak floors than most flooring companies.

Bruce flooring continues to offer a huge variety of hard wood floor species, styles, widths, finishes and designs. You should visit their official website to see more about the specific types and styles available. There are many pictures, as well as a hard wood floor selector tool.

The hardwood floor interactive selector tool is pretty nifty. It allows you to choose from a selection of rooms, such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, and then you choose the style of boards as well as species or color of the wood to display. The tool is cool, but as with most tools like this, it’s too easy to see the falseness of the wood pictures on top of the real pictures of the rooms. I suppose it still helps to envision how a type of hardwood floor would appear in general though.

The Bruce flooring company was also among the first flooring companies to offer pre-finished flooring pieces to the public. They continue in this tradition by offering the widest variety of hard wood flooring of such quality. They offer different styles, such as the strip, plank and wide plank style hard wood floors.

The Bruce Hardwood Flooring floors come in a variety of colors, from common to exotic hard woods. Birch, hickory, maple, cherry, oak, pecan and ash make up the non-exotic varieties of hard wood floor species there are to choose from.

The Bruce Hardwood Flooring company is also well known for their long-term and generous warranty terms. It is generally thought that this company is particularly fair in dealing with warranty and return issues. I have read many average and good to stunning reviews of the customer service of Bruce flooring transactions, yet none speaking particularly badly of this company.

There are several installation guides available on the Bruce flooring website, as well as a list of certified installers. This way you can easily inform yourself about the decision to either install your own hardwood floors or finding the most qualified people to install them for you.

On the Bruce flooring website you can also find detailed care and maintenance guides as well as a customer support area and detailed product information pages that can really help you make an informed decision on your next hardwood flooring purchase.

As far as finding a nice balance between selection, affordability, the latest styles as well as traditional styles, Bruce flooring really can’t be beat in terms of overall quality, affordability and customer service as well.

Ted Monares
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