Searching Areas Along a Chain Link Fence

Searching in the vicinity of a chain link fence requires a reduced Gain setting and also some control over the orientation of the locator. As illustrated in Figure 3-10, position the locator horizontally with its long axis perpendicular to the fence. This ensures that the upper sensor is kept away from the fence.

Figure 3-10. Searching in the Vicinity of a Chain Link Fence

 Perform the search by moving along the fence, keeping the end a constant distance from the fence. When a point 1-5/8 inches form the end of the locator is directly over the stake, the signal will drop abruptly as shown in Figure 3-11. Any variation in the position of the locator will produce an abrupt rise in the frequency in the tone.

Figure. 3-11. Placement of Locator while Searching Along a Chain Link Fence