Shuffleboard Court Layout with Marking Details


All dimensions are to centers of lines and to edge of court.

Maximum line width 1 1/2″ , minimum 3/4″.

Lines and Figures “10” , “8” , “7” , and “10 Off” should be marked with black shoe dye or black acrylic paint.

Court to be constructed of concrete without expansion joints.

A depressed alley at least 24″ wide and not less than 4″ deep at midcourt, should be constructed between courts and on the outside of end courts.

The alley should slope 1″ in the first 6′ of the length of the alley from each base line, then slope to a minimum depth of 4″ at midcourt where a suitable water drain should be provided.


Shuffleboard court layout with marking details.
(U.S. Department of the Army, Office of the Chief of Engineers)