Sisal Area Rugs And Sisal Carpets – Decorate or Reinvent Your Home

Sisal Area Rugs and Sisal Carpets are one of the best choices to decorate or reinvent your home. Using Sisal rugs is the latest trend in the world of interior designing. Its magical touch gives a beautiful look to the living room, bedroom, office etc. Sisal Area Rugs can be used as the focal point or just to accessorize and compliment different rooms.

About Sisal

Sisal is extracted from the leaves of Agave plant. It has sword shaped leaves and the plant grows about 1.5 to 2 meters tall. Its fiber is strong and long and yellow in color. It is used for the production of various goods especially twines and ropes. The best grade Sisal is used for rug and carpet making. To maintain its natural look, the Sisal fiber is often left undyed. Since it has great affinity to dyes, it is dyed as well to add a new dimension to its versatility. Though it is not grown in Yucatan but the fiber was first commercially exported from the port of Sisal in Yucatan. Hence it got its commercial name. It is grown worldwide from Florida to Brazil, the Caribbean and in Africa and Asia

Sisal Area Rugs and Carpets are the preferred choice since Sisal does not build up static electricity and it does not trap dust, so vacuum cleaning is the only maintenance required. Another advantage of Sisal Area Rugs and Carpets is that they are resistant to deterioration in salt water. It is stronger than many other natural fibers like flex, jute or hemp, hence Area Rugs and Carpets made from Sisal are the ideal ones.

Characteristics of Sisal Rugs

� Sisal rugs are a smart choice. They are extremely strong and versatile, ideal for high traffic areas like hallways. � It is warm, soft, and durable. � Sisals come in accent sizes on up to room sized. � Anti-static, sound absorbing, flame retardant. � Available in a wide variety of classic colors and styles. � Sisal Rugs are designed for heavy wear.

Care of Sisal Area Rugs and Carpets:

� Sisal is highly absorbent so liquid spills on Area Rugs and Carpets need to be taken care of immediately. Do not apply the cleaning agent directly. Use a blotting paper or clean cloth. Do not rub, as it will spread the spill to a larger area. Blotting is the only way out. Use vinegar or laundry detergent diluted with lukewarm water. � Solid stains from the Sisal Area Rugs or Carpets can be removed by scrapping with the blunt side of the knife. � Sisal expands and shrinks depending on the humidity in the air. So, to install wall to wall Sisal Carpets, it is recommended to unroll carpets at least 24 hours prior and always keep a margin of 2% to allow in the expansion and shrinkage. � Vacuum cleans your Sisal Area Rug and Carpets regularly. � Sisal is highly absorbent therefore Sisal Area Rugs and Sisal Carpets are not a good choice for areas that have high spills, rain and snow.

Sisal Area Rugs and Carpets will revitalize and give a fresh look to your interiors and with proper care can be a source of comfort and beauty for your home.

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