Stain Removal Products and your Tile Floor

If you have a new tile floor and don’t manage to see the stain soaking into your tile until it’s to late, never fear. There is always a solution to tile floor stains and many ways to combat them.

Stains challenge even the most creative people, but there are a number of ways experienced individuals have come up with to fight stains and keep your tile floors looking lovely and clean no matter what ends up on them.

There are many valuable resources on the internet for cleaning tile stains and a lot of information on how to fight stains, so make sure to do the research before trying your friends ‘special’ method.

Also, remember to always wear cleaning gloves. A surprising number of people forego them and are sorry later on. They protect your hands and allow you to give the floor your all without worrying about dangerous chemicals. They are also important is you’re cleaning up such stains as blood.

An important rule of thumb when cleaning your tile floor is the general stain addict that says you should test a small, unseen spot before actually using the methods all out. Testing is easy; you simply apply the solution to a small, non-visible part of the floor, such as under a couch or chair.

If the product ruins it, you know that it shouldn’t be used. Before doing any stain removal process, you should test it. Do this by applying it to a small area of the floor that is out of sight or covered by furniture. If the remover damages the floor, do not continue. It may be necessary to contact the tile manufacturer for instructions, and ideally you should talk to them about the tile before you buy it, as not all tiles are the same.

For example, how you clean your floor and the stains up off of your floor depends on the material you’ve used. A glass tile floor is going to need different care than a mosaic or a ceramic tile floor┬ábecause of the different porousness of the materials and how they are made. Different products will have varying effects, and that’s why it is always important to test and do the research.

Diane Newsom
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