Stay Cool This Summer With A New Air Conditioning System

Air Conditioning In The 21st Century

Summer is now here and so are the heatwaves. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to invest in a new air conditioning system. It’s either that or sweat it out every summer, every year from this point on. The only thing that concerns me is the prohibitively expensive costs associated with buying an air conditioning system.

Watch Out For Hidden Costs

We used to have an air conditioning system that expired in the middle of last summer, at the height of a heatwave, so we got a price on a new installation. Now what they don’t tell you is that the price quoted does not take certain things into account. Go ahead and look up some prices online then come back to this article.

Welcome Back

Did you look? You have to pay for installation, costing you money in parts and labour, but not only that you may also have to shell out for a complete overhaul of your existing ventilation system. Are you sitting comfortably? The chances are, if you are anything like me, you don’t use your heater very much, and as such it won’t be in tip-top shape. Now don’t worry too much, but if you have a house built in a new development, you may also not have properly sealed ducts. Prior to purchasing a new air conditioning system, or heating and cooling system, you may have to pay for those ducts to be professionally cleaned and sealed. All these things serve to make the potential bill much larger than you may anticipate. If the problem is really bad, you may need them replaced altogether.

Window Mounted Air Conditioning?

A cheaper alternative would be a window mounted system. The advantages of these is mainly cost. They have gotten a lot cheaper and they also use a lot less energy than they used to. This is a more economic option that has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that you only pay out for the room you want to be cool in. The disadvantage is the polar opposite obvious one, which is that the rest of the house will still be like a humid oven in the summer. Still, you can only be in one room at any one time, so this would only be an issue if the rest of your family also needed to be cool in the other rooms in the house.

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