Swimming Pool Winterizing

With summer ending and the start of fall approaching rapidly we look forward to the coolness of winter and getting the swimming pool winterizing into effect.

For all those fortunate enough to have the luxury of a swimming pool it is important to take the proper steps to winterizing our pools till next summers approach.

Begin by monitoring the PH level to assure the water is around 7.5, If the ph level is not in this area you can adjust by adding dry acid according to manufacture specs. Second you need to check the chlorine and use a product to insure your swimming pool will be protected from algae during winter months.

This is a good time to check for leaks in you pools equipment and repair so it will be ready for next summer then turn off the skimmer valve and let the swimming pool water drain to just around 5-6 inches below the bottom of the skimmer to assure that the proper water level is attained.

Swimming pool winterizing may sound like a lot of work at this point, but the fact is your investment warrants the costs and labor. You can hire a professional swimming pool service to do the winterizing for what ever reason, but must be done,

It is a good idea to run your swimming pools pump each day for about 4-6 hours to keep water circulating to help maintain water levels and keep algae from settling.

It is now time to put on the pool cover to protect from debris entering the swimming pool and the evaporation of water. You should check the tightness of the pool cover every few days keeping it secure from the elements.

Now that the cover is in place we can concentrate on draining water from the pump, heater and filters by locating the drain plugs usually located at the bottom of the equipment. This will insure that damage from freezing will not create permanent damage to the equipment.

That is about it for proper swimming pool winterizing and if done correctly your pool will be in tip top shape for next summer.

Chet Holcomb
Permission by goarticles.com