Taste and Style

Whether you’re a homeowner or looking to become one, chances are you know how overwhelming choosing designs to suit your taste and lifestyle can be. Well, you’re not alone. If you’re confused and not sure what your style is, read on to learn before remodeling your kitchen or bath. It will make the process much easier for you and for your designer!
Characterized by steeply pitched roofs, pointed arch windows, elaborate trim along roof edges, high dormers, lancet windows and other Gothic details. Light fixtures range from chandeliers and kerosene and electric lamps to astrals and sconces. Cabinets are usually weathered looking and made of heavy, real wood with chrome pulls and knobs.
Modern styles change from year to year. Most recent designs include sleek, straight and clean lines. Less is more, such as less accessories, hidden appliances and minimal details. Common materials include stainless steel, marble, granite and frosted glass. Basic geometric shapes and bold, bright colors such as reds, blues and yellow or black and white are prevalent.
This style features a lot of detail and craftsmanship. Natural materials such as stucco and hand-painted fabrics are very common, as are wood, quarry tile, ceramic tile, earth tones and vibrant accessories. Colors usually reflect the nature of the desert such as warm oranges, greens, tans and browns. Southwest kitchens usually incorporate ceramic materials and terra cotta elements.
Plays up architectural details such as crown moldings, raised wood paneling and rich, deep colors to enhance the mood and traditional feel. Dark stains, honey tones, semi-opaque paints, wicker baskets and oak cabinets add to the usually more formal feel than country style.
Rustic, weathered look creates a warm, cozy feeling in a country style home. Common colors range from muted hues to earth tones. Exposed beams, pine paneling, brick and barn boards are elements used to express this style. Fabrics and patterns are a sure way to create a country feeling, as is the use of wallpaper and baskets.
A mix of old and new features combined for a harmonious look. This style is not characterized by a particular color palette, patterns, style or material but is a mix of extravagant decorations from numerous eras, including hand-me-downs, second-hand items and other recyclables. Kitchens and bathrooms may include modern appliances mixed with antique decorations to the complete opposite.

Courtesy of NKBA Content