The Effects of Carbon Monoxide

PPM* Effects and Symptoms Time
35 Permissible Exposure Level 8 Hours
200 Slight Headache, Discomfort 3 Hours
400 Headache, Discomfort 2 Hours
600 Headache, Discomfort 1 Hour
1000-2000 Confusion, Headache, Nausea 2 Hours
1000-2000 Tendency to Stagger 1½ Hours
1000-2000 Slight Palpitation of the Heart 30 Min.
2000-2500 Unconsciousness 30 Min.
4000 Fatal Less Than 1 Hour
These values are approximate and vary as to the individual’s state of health and his physical activities.Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that may build up in a confined space. In high concentrations of carbon monoxide, a worker may collapse with little or no warning and thus be unable to aid himself.*PPM – Parts Per Million – volume measurement of gas concentration.