Threshold to Luxurious Living

(ARA) – What does your front door say about you? In a culture where customization reigns supreme, discerning homeowners are now choosing more upscale, custom entry doors to make bold statements about their homes and their lifestyles. Homeowners now seek a varying array of options and features in their entry door — from distinctive hardware to custom wood carvings — to set the overall tone for their home and enhance curb appeal.

Architectural Style

Choose an entry door that matches the architectural style of your home. Whether you have a stately Colonial residence, a Craftsman style bungalow, a rustic cabin, or a modern mansion, make sure your front door includes the appropriate architectural style and accessory features to complement its design.

Custom Carvings

Achieve a truly customized look with wood carvings that add artistic detail or enhance design. Marvin Entry Doors, from Marvin Windows and Doors, offer hand-carved appliqu├ęs, embossing and engraving to showcase logos, family crests and other unique details.

The Warmth of Wood

Choose an entry door made of a hardwood, like Mahogany, for a finely crafted, furniture-grade quality. Marvin Windows and Doors offers entry doors made of solid Honduran Mahogany and Honduran Cedar, along with White Oak, Walnut, and Cherry that add richness, warmth and elegance.

Let in the Light

Many architects are now specifying homes with taller ceilings that maximize natural light while increasing depth and dimension. Create a dramatic entrance that accommodates taller ceilings with an entry door of significant proportions. Adding round top or transom windows above and side lites alongside of the door increases height and adds to design possibilities.

Decorative Accents

Dressing up your door with the right accessories places the finishing touches on your customized entrance. Marvin Entry Doors include options like hand-forged solid iron grilles for an old world appearance, an optional distressed look on rustic-styled doors, or various art glass options.

Find Flexibility

A made-to-order manufacturer can give you the most flexibility when choosing an entry system that reflects your lifestyle. “We offer homeowners significant flexibility when customizing their entryway,” said John Simpson, new business manager at Marvin Windows and Doors. “In addition to the seven architectural styles listed in our catalog, we have virtually unlimited custom capabilities for wood carving, unique architectural designs, and decorative and patterned glass. We can also accommodate unique configurations of side lites and transom windows, such as round tops, to complete your entry system.”

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