Tiling a shower with the glamour of ceramic tile

You can craft a perfect shower with affordable and durable Ceramic tiles. The simple cleaning method makes the ceramic tile best for the walls and floors of your shower.

Tiling a shower with ceramic tile has other benefits like prevention from humidity, dust mite growth and fungi. The ceramic tiles, particularly the glazed range provide extra benefits with the guarantee of waterproofing and natural resistance from chemical and biological agents.

For tiling a shower with ceramic tile you need immense arduousness and patience. Your effort and dedication will help finish your work with impressive finesse.

Tiling The Shower Walls

Tiling a shower with ceramic tile requires you to go about the job in a planned manner. The first step is all about laying the foundation for the shower walls. Backerboards, such as WonderBoard or Durock cement board, will be ideal for the walls. Being resistant to water, they will best meet the standards as base for installing ceramic tiles to high-moisture areas.

Backerboards can easily be installed directly on walls and fixed firmly to wall studs and ceiling beams with the help of hot-dipped galvanized nails or galvanized wood screws. Once the backerboards are well set, you need to cover all the joints with fiberglass mesh tape. Apply a coating of latex thin-set or an adhesive mortar before going ahead with installing the ceramic tiles.

Tiling The Shower Floor

To tile the shower floor, you need a pre-sloping of the floor. Apply a layer of mortar to the floor and structure a slope from the shower rim to the center of the floor which homes the shower drain. This will direct the flow of water towards the shower drain.

After the construction of the pre-slope plan for the installation of a shower pan membrane liner, which is a resilient plastic liner.

Place the membrane liner underneath the pane of tiles and mortars to steer the water that seeps through the floor grout to the shower drain beneath.

You will need to lay the pan membrane liner at the base of the shower area and secure it to the sides of the shower wall frame using nails. You will also need to cut out a slit in the membrane to slot in the adjustable shower drain assembly.

Next it is time to pose the floor backerboards correctly. Apply a final coating of mortar for a sturdy foundation. Now comes the final stage of tiling a shower with ceramic tile.

While installing the tiles be cautious about maintaining the level and balance. The device should be centered. Wait for the tiles and the grouting to set perfectly and then fix up the shower drain assembly rightly.

Bathe in delight in your new shower tiled with ceramic tiles and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

As a recognized professional in the building industry, Manuel Kupka (aka manoloK) promotes and develops practical, easy to follow information products for people who want to improve their homes.
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