Tips For Choosing The Right Water Heater

Majority of households have water heaters in them. This is because the weather can be very unforgiving to the warm-blooded kind during winter seasons. Or, maybe, because a regular warm bath is one of the most sought after respites after a long and hard day at work. It is therefore for these reasons, and many others, that a water heater is one of the most important appliances in any American home.

If you have a huge family and find yourselves running out of hot water all the time, then it might be the time to get yourself a new water heater that has a much greater storing capacity. Water heater experts consider the word ‘capacity’ to mean two things. That is, how big your tank is and how long it will take for the device to heat up a full tank of water.

Most water heaters have a capacity of between 30 gallons to 120 gallons. They come in different tank sizes and all you really have to do is determine how much heated water you can regularly consume within a certain period to find out how big your tank should be. If you’re a fan of hot baths or if the winter season is nearing, then you might consider upgrading the size.

Also, water heaters have two key powering mechanisms: electric or gas-fueled. Electric heaters, of course, are more expensive to maintain because they consume a lot of energy. Thus, if you already have gas in your household, a gas-fueled water heater is a better and more prudent option. It also has been found to heat a tankful of water faster. Use only electricity when you really have no other option but to get one. Hey, if you can afford an electric heater, why not, right?

Heating water usually takes up around 15% of your household’s monthly spending budget. Thus, look for a water heater that has the ability heat effectively while consuming less energy. There are many innovations out in the market, especially with the growing concern over energy conservation. So if you’re looking for a new water heater now, you’re in luck because you have a multitude of choices.

As with any consumerist choice, the cheapest tool is not always the most efficient. Therefore, when looking for a water heater, avoid judging them based on their price tag. Get one that will satisfy your needs best.

Your tank’s capacity is usually measured by how many bathrooms you have in your household. Typically, a house with just one bathroom will need a 30 to 40 gallon water tank. However, if you’re laundry intensive, you might want to get something bigger.

How big your tank is not really affected by whether you have an electric or a gas-powered water heater. But if you have a fairly huge tank, a greater-powered heater might be needed, because a small one will take longer to heat all the water you need.

Choosing the right water heater, therefore, depends on the following: usage and budget. Once you’ve determined these two, or at least have a rough estimate, you will be able to choose a device that is neither too over and under-rated. Discuss your needs with your seller.

Bill Urell
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