Tips for Remodeling Projects That Add Value to Your Home

(ARA) – Whether you are planning to sell your home or just want a new look, remodeling can lend one of the greatest returns on your investments and puts your home equity to work for you. The best returns come from updated flooring and remodeled kitchens and bathrooms, which, upon sale of your home, typically recover an average of 90 percent of the costs.

Consider the following tips from the remodeling experts at Tarkett before embarking upon your next remodeling project.

First, make a plan. Have a desired budget in mind and consider your tastes, lifestyle and end goals of either selling or staying in place. If you are remodeling to sell, you might prefer neutrals and universal design elements. Homeowners who chose to remodel and stay in their homes have the freedom to reflect on their own personal preferences and have fun with design and color.

Launch your project by choosing the perfect surface cover. Traditional styles of wood and brick add warmth to the home, and tile and stone incorporate elegance for contemporary tastes. It seems Linoleum is also making a come back because of its vibrant color palate and sustainability considered by the environmentally conscious consumer. The look of wood, brick, tile and stone can be achieved with Nafco by Tarkett PermaStone, an easy to maintain, durable and economical product. Since flooring is the base of the home and will determine your interior design path it is important to consider all options before making any final decisions.

Once the flooring has been determined, it is time to decide if the bathroom or kitchen make-over takes priority. Since the kitchen is the Grand Central Station of the home, it tends to be one of the most invasive projects, so it is best to start here when making major changes. The most popular updates for the kitchen, aside from flooring, are granite counter tops and new cabinets. Depending on budget, cabinets can be custom built or existing wood can be painted for a lighter, more inspired look. Just adding new cabinet doors and hardware can change the entire look of the room and add value to the home. However, once the cabinets, countertops and floors are given a new look, homeowners tend to want new faucets and sinks as well, so keep this in mind when developing a budget.

As the remodeling process continues, bathrooms are the next project that can update your home. Recent trends have shown that people are spending a large amount of their remodeling dollars on the master bathroom. Extra luxuries such as waterfall showerheads and slate walls are showing up in older homes and making a statement for resale purposes. Enlarging shower and bathing spaces is a great feature for personal pampering and successfully appealing to potential buyers. Updating fixtures and adding sink vessels to create an elegant and stylish bathroom also increase the value of the remodel project.

Studies reflect that the savvy home owner has realized the value added to the home through remodeling as profits continue to rise. Choosing the right projects along with quality products ensure investment dollars will continue to work for you throughout the life cycle of your home.

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Courtesy of ARA Content