Top Reasons To Get Bamboo Hardwood Flooring

There are many different varieties of flooring out there for you to choose from. For example you have bamboo hardwood flooring, ash hardwood, birch hardwood, laminate flooring and then of course there are all the different kinds of linoleum and tiles. The list is endless really and choosing can be pretty hard when it gets right down to it but there is one floor type that you absolutely cannot go wrong with and that is bamboo.

There are all kinds of great reasons why you should get bamboo flooring above any other kind that you are considering and I am going to take a quick peek at some of them below:

Safe For The Environment

If am not sure if you have heard but we are running short on trees in this world. We are cutting into the rain forests at an alarming rate and if you look around you will probably notice that there are way less trees than there was even just a few years ago. If we keep cutting them down to build things and to put down fancy floors we are all going to die of carbon monoxide poisoning or just slid right off of the earth. Conservation is one of the top reasons why bamboo is such a great choice. This grass, yes bamboo is a grass, grows like crazy and there is never a shortage of it. You can plant it in a field and harvest it on a regular basis and still never run out. That is why it is so perfect!

Gorgeous Looks

Bamboo hardwood flooring is one of the top looking woods to use on your floors. There are all different looks that can be accomplished with bamboo and many of them look like any other kind of wood, not like bamboo at all.

Lasts Longer

Bamboo hardwood flooring will last you and your home much longer than any other kind of hardwood flooring. It is much more durable and able to stand up to regular every day wear and tear. That makes it an especially good wood to use in the front hall and the kitchen where you tend to see the most wear on wooden floorboards.

Ted Monares
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