Update Your Kitchen or Bath with Easy Faucet Installation Tips

(ARA) – Changing a faucet is one of the best ways to update a kitchen or bath without the time, expense and inconvenience of a full-scale renovation. Faucets serve as a focal point in the kitchen and bath, and stylish new fixtures with matching accessories can give these important rooms a refreshing new appearance.

Many people who recognize the benefits of upgrading their faucets are intimidated by the thought of tackling the task on their own. But they don’t need to be, says Christine Rasche, associate product marketing manager for Peerless. “With a little forethought and preparation, installing a stylish new faucet can be relatively simple.”

While many consumers want to infuse their kitchens and baths with more style, they don’t want to break the bank doing so. Manufacturers such as Peerless now offer a full line of stylish products at an affordable price point. These products are easy to maintain, and offer consumers the style and dependability they want out of their kitchen or bathroom makeover.

Follow these simple steps for faucet installation, and you can have a new look in your kitchen and/or bath in no time:

* Allow plenty of time to install your new faucet. Don’t rush yourself.

* Before you begin, assemble the appropriate tools listed on the installation sheet included in your faucet box.

* Keep in mind that removing your old faucet may be the toughest part of the job. Spraying a little penetrating oil on the old tailpiece mounting nuts and supply-tube coupling nuts 24 hours in advance can make that task much easier.

* Lay a towel in the sink during your installation to avoid scratches and to avoid dropping anything down the sink.

* Shut off the water supplies from the valves located under your sink, then turn on the faucet to release pressure.

* Disconnect the tubes attached to the water supply valves. You may need to use a tube cutter if the water supply pipes were soldered.

* Loosen and remove the old faucet and all faucet parts from the sink. You will likely need to use a basin wrench plus a little extra muscle power.

* Thoroughly clean the sink and counter area where the existing faucet was removed before inserting your new faucet.

* Follow the step-by-step instructions provided with your new faucet to properly install the product.

* After the faucet is installed, don’t forget to remove the aerator, and turn on the hot and cold water supplies for one minute to flush the water lines. This will remove debris that could cause damage to internal parts.

For more help while installing your new faucet, call Peerless at (800) 345-3358. And be on the lookout for Peerless’ new Web site, www.faucetcoach.com.