Using Colour

This is one of the most important aspects of any design. It has long been known that colour affects our mood and emotions. Cooler shades such as blues and some greens can be soothing. Where as warm colours like yellow and red have a stimulating affect.

When deciding upon the colour for a room it is important to think of the type of atmosphere, you want to create be it, contemporary, formal, classical or eclectic to name but a few. The type of home you live is an element that needs consideration. It maybe that you would like to disguise or accentuate a certain aspect of a room. Of course, your personal taste plays an important part on the final decision.

Colours can be divided into hot and cold groups. Cold colours include blues, greens and turquoise. Warm colour includes reds, yellows, oranges and pinks.

Light be it natural or artificial needs to be taken into consideration in the scheme. A colour selected during the day can look entirely different during the night. The aspect of the room needs to be considered. You may need to cool down a hot sunny room with cool shades or warm up a room with warm shades.

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