ViVid Bathroom Vanity Lighting the Most Inexpensive Way of Improving Your Bathrooms Decor

Because the bathroom vanity is used the most in the daytime, allowing natural sunlight will help in saving money on your energy bills. If your bathroom design is built with an outside wall then chances are you have a small window and have natural light already. To add more light you can add a bathroom skylight or a high cluster window. Another way is to enlarge the small side window. Direct sunlight is generally bluish white and the benefits are that the light reflects off surfaces that are in the bathroom. A bathroom design which has indirect sunlight will pick up the colors of the bathroom tiles or bathroom vanity. Although sunlight is great the problem may arise that on glossy or textured surfaces you will get glare. You can control the sunlight and the surface glare problem by several means. Using fixed or movable diffuse panels like window blinds or window coverings on special window shutters will help in reducing the scatter of the direct sunlight. On the outside you can use the benefits of sunshades or awnings that will cut sunlight altogether.

Artificial bathroom vanity lighting

There are twice other basic artificial bathroom lighting sources that your bathroom vanity can use. First there are the incandescent lights. They are small, bright, and generate heat as well. An example would be recessed lighting, surface mount and suspended types. The other is the fluorescent bathroom light fixtures which emit very little heat but look more cumbersome because of the ballast that is needed to run them. Generally bathroom lighting which ever style you use should provide relatively uniform with no shadows lighting over the entire bathroom decor.

Bathroom vanity Lighting Tips.

  • Try avoiding glare with exposed light bulbs especially eye level.
  • To make a bathroom decor seem larger, use soft even lighting with light color schemes.
  • Low bathroom ceilings will do best with a flat light color or the use of recessed lighting fixtures.
  • High ceilings give you the choice of using larger suspended bathroom light fixtures that will enhance the room volume.
  • Small light sources create a sharp shadow where as the large light sources give more of the diffused shadows.
  • The color of the bathroom lighting should flow with the bathroom d�cor colors and not clash against them.
  • Bright lights will stimulate the bathroom whereas soft ones will have a calming effect.
  • Using light warm colors will create a cheerful feel whereas the light cool colors are restless.
  • Light levels that are low and the use of somber colors will make the bathroom depressing.

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