Ways To Save Money On Carpet Cleaning

Is it time to have your carpet cleaned? If so, you might be wondering how much it is going to cost you. That depends on the cleaner and the method you use but there are several ways that you can save some money. Read along and you will get some easy tips to save money on your next cleaning.

Move Furniture Many cleaners will give you a discount if you move the furniture out of your rooms in advance. Do not expect to receive a discount if you plan on moving the furniture when the cleaner is there. That doesn’t save your cleaner any time and they will not give you a discount for it.

Vacuum You also might get a discount if you vacuum the carpet in advance. Vacuum it a few hours before the cleaning and do a good job. Take your time and be sure to do a thorough job as good as your carpet cleaner would have done.

Clean During the Off Season Schedule your cleanings during the off season for the best deal. Cleaning is a seasonal business and cleaners are busiest around the holidays. Try to schedule your cleaning in January to March. This is typically the slowest time for cleaning services.

Remember that price is of course not the most important thing. You should choose a cleaner based on the quality of their work. By doing the simple things I have suggested though you should be able to save yourself a few dollars.

James C
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