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How in the world can a consumer decide what vacuum cleaner to buy with Dirt Devil, Miele, Eureka, Dyson, Electrolux, Kirby and so many more on the market? To make matters even more complicated, each manufacturer has numerous models in the market. We read reviews by almost everyone and it seems that every unit has their champions and complainers. What the heck is going on here?

The truth is that every one of the reviews are absolutely right! Vacuum cleaners, like any other consumer product have an array of features and benefits to meet the needs of a specific part of the market. Those that are unhappy with a specific product usually purchased based on price or advertising alone without considering what they actually needed in a vacuum.

Here’s a few things to consider when deciding on the right vacuum cleaner for you and you home.

1. Decide on a vacuum style. There’s two basic vacuum cleaner styles, the upright and the canister. The upright has the motor, handle, carpet brush and dirt storage all in 1 unit. The canister is identified as two separate pieces connected together with a hose. The vacuum head, brush and handle are one piece while the suction motor and dirt containment is in the other. Canister vacuum cleaner reviews will focus on the flexibility of design while most upright vacuum cleaner review ill show the simplicity of design. . 2. Weight. the weight of the vacuum is important if you have kids helping with the housework or it’s for people with mobility issues. A vacuum that’s to heavy to move about, no matter how well it cleans is essentially worth a lot less.

3. Cleanability or suction power. This is important only to the degree that your home gets dirty. Have a lot of people in your home? Do you have an active lifestyle that beings the neighbors and kids and pets through your home a lot? Then this is critical

4. Exhaust handling. Vacuum cleaners use air suction to pull dirt from your carpets then trap it into a dirt holding bag or bagless container. The exhaust can also throw microscopic dust particles into the air causing allergy and asthma sufferers breathing problems. HEPA filtration systems are not available on many vacuum cleaners to limit this problem. There also are a few units that use water as a filtration system.

5. Bag or bagless design. The last few years we have seen the rise in popularity of the bagless or cyclonic dirt handling systems. Unlike the older bag units, a vacuum cleaner review bagless will focus on the high constant suction capability. This is important for speed of completing the housework. What these bagless vacuum reviews do NOT say however is that the dirt carrying capacity of the containers is usually much less than a bag. This means more stops to empty and clean out the dirt receptacle.

6. Duty Rating. Any kirby vacuum cleaner review will talk about the heavy duty quality of design. The Kirby has been in commercial use for decades and is one of the most trusted and highest quality names in the vacuum cleaner market. What these reviews don’t say however is that although the Kirby is a great machine with loads of suction, it’s also as heavy as a Volkswagon to push around the carpet. Lugging it up the stairs and around your home may also be a problem. Good Vacuum? You bet. Heavy…. oh yea!

These are just some of the points you should consider when selecting a new vacuum cleaner. Product reviews for vacuum cleaners are great but remember that a customers satisfaction with their prucahse is based on the products abaility to deliver on the consumers expectations. It’s very possible that without considering what is important to you, you also can end up being unhappy with a great product for another part of the market.

Know what you need first, then shop for the vacuum cleaner that meets those needs. You have now read the absolute Best Vacuum Customer Review that anyone could expect. Armed with your specific needs, it should now be a lot easier to identify the few vacuums on the market that will meet your specific needs and demands. If however you want to read a few more articles on vacuum cleaners here.

Abigail Franks
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