What Not To Do To Your Carpeting

Carpet can be difficult to take care of. This is especially true if you have kids or pets constantly dirtying them up. This article will help you maintain your carpet by letting you know what not to do to them.

The biggest mistake people make is not using the right chemicals on their carpet. The only thing you should use on your carpet is a spotter designed for carpeting. make sure that the bottle says that it is “safe for stain resistant carpet.” This means that it will nor damage the carpeting. Do not use bathroom cleaners, bleach, regular dish soap or any other concoctions on your rugs. They can bleach your floors, leave way too much residue or even melt your carpet.

Another big mistake is placing latex backed rugs on your carpet. Latex no slip backings are commonly used on bathroom rugs. The problem with the latex backing is that latex will off gas for months after it is made. The off gassing will permanently turn your carpet yellow. Stay away from these rugs.

The last mistake I will talk about is placing varnished furniture directly on carpet. This is especially true with antiques or furniture with a cherry finish. It doesn’t take much moisture for the stain to begin transferring to the carpet. There may even be enough humidity in the air to cause the varnish to transfer. once there it is near impossible to remove. Place furniture pads underneath the legs of varnished furniture.

By not doing these three things you will have a carpet which looks better and lasts much longer. There are of course hundreds of other mistakes that people make with their carpet but this is enough for now.

James C
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