Why Choose Bamboo for Your Next Flooring Project?

If you’ve been searching for a new floor covering recently you may well have come across bamboo flooring. Although a relative newcomer to the flooring scene, bamboo floors are rapidly becoming a favored consumer choice. The reasons for its popularity are many, so read on to discover why you might want to choose bamboo too!

Everyone knows that bamboo is actually a grass, but most people are surprised to hear that its strength surpasses that of some of the typical hardwoods used in flooring manufacture. It also has a number of very similar visual characteristics, can be milled in much the same way as timber and is therefore easily formed into planks just like hardwood floors are.

– An Earth Friendly Option

Nowadays, consumers are more frequently looking to make “Green” home improvements. Bamboo flooring has become a favored option in this regard and has proven itself as a viable and environment friendly alternative to a hard wood floor. With bamboo, there is no need to fell vast areas of centuries old forests and jungles to obtain timber for manufacturing. Bamboo is instead harvested from enormous groves located throughout Asia, where it grows in abundance, and once a bamboo pole is cut it will regenerate itself to again reach maturity within an extremely rapid three to five years.

– Choices Galore

To serve this ever-growing sector of the flooring market, numerous manufacturers, such as Envirochoice, Panda Lumber, Ming Dynasty and Westhollow now produce bamboo flooring in a wide array of stunning color shades and hues including Natural, Carbonized and Dark. To suit those with different visual tastes, grain orientations like Vertical or Horizontal are available in addition to hand scraped planks that display an even more characteristic look. Installation options include nail down for permanent installations or floating planks with snap lock joints that are ideal for those that prefer the Do-It-Yourself approach to installing their floor.

– A Floor That Pays for Itself

Another attraction to bamboo flooring is its price. Although bamboo shares an appearance that is similar to some expensive wooden floorings, it won’t cost you anything near what a hardwood floor does. With prices starting at a very affordable $2.00 per square foot, bamboo is certainly an option worthy of further consideration.

Wooden floors have been proven to help increase the value of a home, and bamboo is no exception in this regard. In many instances, bamboo flooring can actually be considered as a purchase that will see a return on investment if the property should be sold. Not selling? Don’t worry, you’ll have one of the best looking floors in the neighborhood, as well as one that looks a million dollars!

Owners need never worry about bamboo flooring standing the test of time either. Warranties of 25 years are common, and even a Lifetime Warranty is provided by some manufacturers.

With so many great things going for it, isn’t time you thought about moving bamboo to the top of your list of flooring choices!

Tom Willmar
Permission by goarticles.com