You Must Do This Before You Paint Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought iron doors are one of the most classically beautiful doors out there. These are generally very old and filled with history and lore. If you look closely at these romantic doors you might even be able to get a sense of what they have lived through in their long years. Did they hold people in or did they work to keep people out?

The main complaint that people have about wrought iron doors is the fact that they can get rusty. Most people choose to pain the doors in order to have them match their own home better. There is nothing wrong with this method of decorating but there are some things that you need to do before you pull out the good old paint and paint brush.

For example: if there is any rust on the door then you need to get it off. You cannot paint over rust r it will just keep rusting. When metal rusts it causes small amounts of gasses and these will cause the paint to bubble and peel. And not only that the paint is not going to sit flush and nice either. The door is going to look terrible until the rust has been removed.

Most people choose to have their wrought iron doors sandblasted. This is the fastest and the easiest way for you to deal with the rust in question. You can buy or rent these machines but it is far cheaper to rent them. After all how many things do you need to sandblast throughout the year? Probably not that many.

These machines are simple and all they do is blow sand at the door at a great speed. This works to rub away the flakes of rust that are attached to the door. There are different sized machines for different uses but you will need a larger one for doors. You can get the job done in no time and you can do it on your own which will save you buckets of cash.

Once you have blasted away all of the rough rust you can get to the painting part of the project and that is the fun part. You will be able to watch your wrought iron doors take shape and they will look like new.

Tony Dunk
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