Your Bathroom – The Most Neglected Room?

Have you ever thought about your bathroom? Have you stopped to consider how much time you spend there between showering, shaving and other such things? Most people will be in their bathroom 5 – 6 times per day if not more. Considering how much time you spend in there do you really put much effort into maintaining the room? If you’re like 95% of other homeowners then the answer is a resounding “no”. We tend to leave our bathrooms fall apart around us because it’s not a room that we need to live or sleep in. Therefore it doesn’t matter really does it?

Bathrooms all over the world will remain in a delapidated state until something changes. Like what? Well it’s normally one of two things. 1. The sale of the house or 2. guests are coming to visit. That grotty little room that you kept a secret will then become public knowledge and your slovenly lifestyle will be outed . People will get to see how you really “live”. Why let yourself get into this panicked state? Spend a little money and effort now in giving your bathroom a new lease of life.

The task of adding this new lease of life to your bathroom can be a DIY or professional project depending on your skill and comfort level; not forgetting your financial resources. Before you start ,however, do some research online and in home decorating magazines. You’ll need to learn the basic “lingo” of the building trade and in terms of bathroom fixtures and fittings. Your bathroom redecorating project will need to progress as smoothly as possible and be finished as quickly as possible – no home can manage without a functioning bathroom for more than a few days.

So what’s first on the list of ideas? Expanding the bathroom is one great idea. You’d be surprised at how much extra space you can “find” in your bathroom. Is there space in the next room that you can expand into? Many home owners are often stuck with smaller bathrooms than they’d like so start looking at how you can physically expand the room itself. Even a foot in either direction will make a huge difference to the appearance of the room.

Have you got bulky bathroom furniture like medicine cabinets in your bathroom. What is this cabinet full of? Old shampoo and expired medications? Bin them and the cabinet. Fit a smaller cabinet – it’ll hold the same amount of “stuff”. If there are any shelves in the bathroom get rid of them – they again tend to be used to just store old soap and bathroom junk. If your window space is cluttered with large curtains or blinds then unclutter it by removing them and fitting a smaller, more modest blind closer to the window. This will also add a lot of extra natural light to the bathroom.

Pay attention to the color scheme used in the bathroom. Far, far too many bathrooms use cold colors like blue and cream as their base color – and with no accents to add more color depth. Using either of these colors in moderation is fine but overuse will make the room feel almost sterile. Experiment with adding other colors as accents to the main base color. Another idea is to use “warmer” colors will oranges and yellows – these colors can make the dingiest, coldest room seem warm and cosy.

Let your imagination run wild when redecorating your bathroom. Make it your own. Make it a room you’ll be proud of and happy to share with your friends – heck you may even want to boast about it once you’re done.

Niall Roche
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